Easter Exam Revision Classes 2022

Spring exam revision during the Easter holidays @ St George’s School Online 

Why Online Revision @ St George’s?  

Our online exam revision lessons are the ideal way to consolidate subject knowledge, practise examination skills and boost your grades.  

Each session offers: 

  • Revision of course content 
  • Revision of exam technique 
  • A live, interactive online lesson 
  • Opportunities for discussion & questions 
  • Written examination practise & feedback 

The classes are conducted in small groups (4-10), guaranteeing you personal attention and support from our talented, experienced teachers, providing: 

  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the curriculum 
  • A comprehensive understanding of the examination papers 
  • Insights into the national standard as applied by exam boards 
  • Focused, detailed feedback on your work 

Our expertise in teaching remotely via Microsoft Teams means the St George’s teaching staff are ideally skilled in offering dynamic, flexible revision and study support remotely. Take advantage of this opportunity for instruction, advice and feedback to consolidate your learning and give you the best opportunity for success. 

As these courses are online they are open to external studentsWhile students enrolled at St George’s are, of course, welcome to attend these online revision classes there is no expectation that they do so.

There are a limited number of places left on the courses below.

Easter Dates for St George's online exam revision: 4 to 8 April 2022

Download the full timetable

Each session will last 3 hours, will be conducted online via  Microsoft Teams, and will cost £90. 

Book now on the following link Spring Revision @ St George's Online - 2022 | Eventbrite

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If you’d like to know more about the courses, please do get in touch by email abl@stge.org.uk, and we can arrange a video-call over Teams to answer any questions you may have.  

Andy Leask 
Head of e-Learning