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Celebrating European Day of Languages

12 Oct 2023
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We celebrated European Day of Languages at St George's by exploring all the different languages spoken within our school community. As International Day of Sign Languages is celebrated on 23rd September, it seemed fitting to shine a spotlight on British Sign Language (BSL) this year.

Our Language Leaders were keen to raise awareness of issues related to equality, diversity and inclusion for those who are part of the deaf community and led an assembly looking into what life is like for people who are partially deaf or those who use sign language to communicate with others. Inspired by a visit from students and lecturers from Heriot-Watt University last year, our sixth formers led a mini BSL taster, teaching US and LS how to finger spell and sign their names.

Staff from across the school also showcased their own language skills by taking part in a quiz. The quiz was put together by our Language Leaders and students guessed which language was being spoken and by which teacher! 

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