D of E Gold

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Practice Expedition

30 Jun 2023
D of E Gold

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is one of the extra-curricular activities offered to students at St George’s School. The large participation rates each year demonstrate how highly the award is valued in our community. Students leave feedback to us expressing how instrumental completing the award was for them. It gives them a range of diverse experiences to discuss during interviews and job applications.

During early June, seventeen students from Lower 6 boldly ventured into the rugged terrain of Glen Nevis, Fort William to tackle their Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award practice expedition. The expedition was organised by Stuart Ritchie and his team from Outlook Adventures (Approved Activity Provider). Despite facing some exceptionally hot weather and the infamous Scottish midges, they rose to the challenge. After an exhilarating first evening of cliff and bridge jumping, students enjoyed some downtime in Fort William. There they made final preparations before embarking on their 3-day hike through the Glen.

Upon finishing, the students felt a real sense of achievement. They will treasure the fun and challenging memories that they have made. Their outstanding teamwork and can-do attitude were an inspiration to all who saw them in action. With such remarkable perseverance and commitment, the groups are sure to excel in their upcoming qualifying expedition to the Cairngorms, Aviemore in August.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold girls

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