Houldsworth may

Houldsworth House Weekly Round-Up

31 May 2023
Houldsworth may

Sunday 14 May: Gravity Park & Arcades

The boarders had an exciting day out at Fountain Park. First stop, Gravity Park! The girls tried out the exciting indoor trampolines before heading to the arcades. Antonia managed to win those impossible claw grabbing games, and then we all finished off with some delicious ice cream.

Monday 22 May: Baking Cinnamon Rolls

The boarders finally got the chance to wind down after prep and make some much anticipated and yummy cinnamon rolls. They look fantastic too!

Sunday 11 June: Aqua Dash

Since the summer heat has taken over Edinburgh, the best way to cool down is to enjoy a relaxing Sunday outing to the swimming pool. The boarders went to ‘Aqua Dash’ at the Royal Commonwealth Pool, which is an inflatable playground on the water.

Sunday 18 June: Ovarian Cancer Walk/Run

The boarders came together to support all those affected by ovarian cancer by running 5km around Holyrood Park. It was a hot day in Edinburgh, but worth it for such an important cause. We are very proud of our boarders for taking part and many thanks to all the family members, friends and staff who donated. The charity has raised over £17,000 so far, which is something to be very proud of! Donations to the Houldsworth Team may still be made at Target Ovarian Cancer - Houldsworth House

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