Bannockburn 2024 P5 Trip Feature

Interactive History: Primary 5 Visit Bannockburn

20 Jun 2024
Bannockburn 2024 P5 Trip Feature

On Friday, 10th June we went on a trip to the Bannockburn Visitor Centre in Stirling. A member of staff took us to the first room where we heard both arguments of why the Battle of Bannockburn happened which was shown as a digital puppet show. 

Afterwards, we went into a room with a map where we discussed how the battle unfolded. We all had a card that had a role from the battle on it. The roles were cavalry, archers and the leader of the Scottish and English sides. We then later went into a weapons and armour room. There were big screens all around the room showing the beginning of the battle. Then we had lunch and then went into a room where we got to try on costumes and different types of armour. 

We had lots of fun. After that we walked up to the statue of Robert the Bruce, took a photograph and then got the bus back to School.

Written by Rose and Zoe (P5)

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