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Junior School: Immersive Learning Experiences

22 May 2024
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Hands-On Learning Adventures Across the Years

At St George's, our students embrace hands-on learning experiences that span various subjects and eras, allowing them to dive into engaging activities and create lasting memories.

Artistic Expressions in Primary 1 and 2

Embracing their artistic flair, Primary 1 students explored the vibrant world of paints and colours, drawing inspiration from the iconic works of Van Gogh. Their colourful sunflower creations, rendered in poster paints and watercolours, beautifully captured the Dutch master's legendary style.

Meanwhile, Primary 2 combined their scientific curiosity with artistic expression. After planting seeds and observing their growth journey, they turned to art, creating stunning observational drawings of flowers inspired by Van Gogh's famous Sunflowers. These budding artists' masterpieces now adorn the walls of the Futures Room, a testament to their hard work and talent.

Victorian Schoolroom Adventure in Primary 3 

Stepping back in time, Primary 3 students experienced a day in the life of a Victorian schoolchild during their trip to a Victorian Schoolroom in Newhaven. Donning pinafores, they participated in a typical Victorian lesson, mastering the three Rs – reading, writing, and arithmetic – using quills, ink, and slates. The immersive experience also included a glimpse into Victorian home life, handling intriguing artefacts and even trying their hand at ironing clothes.

Outdoor Explorations in P4

As described by Aaliyah and Odell-May from P4:

"For Outdoor Learning, we went around the school grounds and found a nice spot behind the Astro. We found a lovely view of mountains and trees and we thought it would be nice to draw them one day. On the day we went to do our observational drawing, it was a bit foggy. So there were two things to draw-you could draw a blossom tree or the scenery but we had to imagine that there were mountains as you could barely see the mountains. We had to bring our coloured pencils and pens. We all had great drawings.

Another outdoor activity that we enjoyed was where we were given partners and had to find sticks and objects to play noughts and crosses with. We played very well and it was great fun when we won! It was very interesting to see how much wild life and outdoor materials we can use for outdoor games.

Sometimes in outdoor learning we do exercises too! One day our teacher suggested that we should do a badminton exercise. We had to go criss-cross with our legs and jog across the field it was really fun! We got to do the conga line and sing around the field and it was so fun! We all LOVE our outdoor learning and we can't wait for more!"

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