Lower School Sports Day

Lower School Sports Day

30 Jun 2023
Lower School Sports Day

This month, all of the Lower School students competed in the Lower School Sports Days. Blessed with good weather, it was great seeing all students take part in events from agility relays on the fun track to the championship long jump. The day culminated in the relays where every student from Primary 6 to Lower 4 raced a 4x50m or 4x100m relay, all in the name of winning sports day and earning House points.

This year there were some notable performances from Isla (Remove) breaking the Remove record in the 'cricket ball throw'. Also, all Primary 6 racing the '2 Laps Open' went to Bella (L4). She won the Lamber Trophy.

Primary 6 Individual Championship:
1st Kana & Eva
2nd Bess
3rd Laurie

Remove Individual Championship:
1st Isla
2nd Teme
3rd Katie

Lower 4 Individual Championship:
1st Sophia
2nd Kari
3rd Tessa

The overall winners were DOUGLAS. Well done!

Here is what the house captains had to say about the day:


Our house is Argyll, the blue house. Our house was excellent, and everyone definitely put their best foot forward. We ran fast, jumped high and threw far. Argyll came third which is a very good achievement. Anais and I put a lot of work into designing our poster to support Argyll. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the sports day and can't wait for next year!

Anais & Paige (L4)


It was great fun especially as house captains because we got to make a poster supporting Buccleuch and it definitely helped bring up the energy levels. One of Buccleuch’s best moments was in the Lower 4 sack race on the fun track when we came in 1st place five times in a row. We also loved getting more people involved in the 400 and 1000 metre race! Overall Buccleuch came 5th place - we are very proud of Buccleuch!

Isla & Sasha (L4)


Sports day was really fun this year. I enjoyed making the banner with Marley and supporting my team. I love to clap for everyone and make sure that they're trying their best, it was also good fun to participate in all the activities and the fun runs were super fun. I also really like the relays because you get to do it in your house and not individually. Overall it was such a fun day and I loved sports day so much. What made it even better was that we won! We had such a fun time celebrating it with the rest of Douglas.

Tessa & Marley (L4)


I really enjoyed making the banner for Lindsay and holding it up to support everyone. I also really enjoyed cheering for everyone and encouraging them to keep going! It was a really great afternoon and can’t wait for next year! The fun track was one of my favourite activities since it included everyone and was just a bit of fun. Overall, it was an amazing and fun day!

Holly & Sophie (L4)


Even though Moray came 6th for sports day, everyone really enjoyed it and motivated each other. It was a great opportunity for everyone to socialise and cheer on our house together. Everyone competed in the races, including the 80m and the fun races. The fun races were very entertaining and were a good occasion to encourage each other! This year’s sports day was very enjoyable and inclusive. I’m glad everyone had a great time - even though we didn’t place high. Well done Moray!

Fifi (L4)


On sports day we all had a great time, the lovely weather and the team spirit gave it such a great atmosphere. In Strathmore everyone was cheering loudly for our team in every race which was so nice to see. All of us worked hard to support everyone in Strathmore and keep us all positive even if we didn’t do as well as we wanted in certain races. Overall, we came in 2nd which is a great result we were all very happy with. Everyone did amazingly well and we can’t wait for sports day next year!

Lucy and Kari (L4)

Winners Podium with music

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