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Maths Projects in Lower 4 and Upper 4: Calculating Carbon Footprints and Airline Profits

17 Jun 2024
Maths Projects June 2024 Banner

Maths Projects Take Off with Sustainable Travel and Aviation

At the beginning of June, Lower 4 students planned a carbon-neutral holiday for a family of four in the Carbon Footprint Project during their mathematics class. Megan, Maggie, Autumn, and Helena won Best Calculations and Carbon Reduction, while Isla, Teme, Drew, and Eve claimed Best Poster.

Meanwhile, Upper 4 set up and ran airline companies during Airport Week. Echo Airlines (Chimdalu, Loshe, Beth, Isla) made £935,600.98 as the most profitable company. Starstruck Liner (Aziz, Aaliyah, Ilayda) secured Best Advertising Campaign.

These immersive maths projects highlighted sustainability, business operations, and creative problem-solving skills. Congratulations to all students for their exceptional work.

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