Chiara Celini Illustrator Featured

Primary 4 Creativity: Illustrator Workshop with Chiara Celini

25 Mar 2024
Chiara Celini Illustrator Featured

On Monday the 4th of March 2024, Primary 4 had an illustrator workshop with Chiara Celini. All Primary 4 pupils went to the same classroom and Chaira introduced herself. She talked to us about the different characters that she creates and she let us see some drawings of her characters. Chaira told us about her mistakes and how she uses her mistakes to help her to create new characters.

She gave us a workshop creative activity. It had nine yellow blobs on it and we had to be imaginative and make our own unusual characters. We made the blobs into people, animals and objects. While we were busy being illustrators, Chaira came round and looked at our designs and gave us advice.

Afterwards, we chose one of our blobs and gave it a name and a body. Next, we had to think about how our character would move around. Some characters moved slowly and carefully and other characters moved quickly and rushed. We also had to decide on the personality of our character.

The last thing that we did was to use four colours and add them to our character.

We looked at Chaira Celini's website after the visit and we saw lots of interesting illustrations on t-shirts, tote bags and gift cards. She tries really to always be sustainable with her products.

Written by Orianna (P4)

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