Lower School Edinburgh trips

Primary 6 Edinburgh Trips

30 Jun 2023
Lower School Edinburgh trips

On Wednesday 7th of June, we went on a trip to the zoo. Recently in P6 we have been learning about the life cycle of humans and animals.

When we arrived, we first stopped at the meerkats to eat our snack. Afterwards we split into groups where we met our tour guides. They showed us around and taught us some fascinating facts. A fact I found out that I never knew was that a male penguin will find a shiny stone to give to a female penguin to impress them, then they will bow and hiss to show off. If the female likes the male, she will do the same thing to him!

Later we all headed to a hall where there was a PowerPoint presented to us and we needed to figure out things from pictures such as if it was a male or female lion. Then it was lunch time which everyone enjoyed after walking around a lot.

When lunch finished, we split up into our groups again and saw all the animals we wanted to see. We saw giant pandas, giraffes, flamingos and much more. Then we headed back to school. We all enjoyed our trip to the Zoo and loved learning new things and seeing all the fantastic animals.

Written by Fleur (P6)


On the 2nd of June, we went to the Traverse Theatre. We rode on the public bus. When we got to the theatre, we had a snack and took a photo.

When we were all ready, we went in to find our seats. When they started it was quite funny, there were these three things in the background that had holes in them which looked like cheese graters.

My favourite parts were when they had crazy music on and were running about the stage. I also liked when they were doing gymnastics.

I really like how they used plastic and bottles to look like the sea.

Written by Katie (P6)

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