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St George's Hosts Model UN Conference: Sparks Debate and Friendship

06 Dec 2023
MUN Conference 2023 Banner

On 2 December, St George’s School hosted nine schools, from the borders to Aberdeen, at the school’s second Model UN conference. The conference not only offered students the chance to engage in critical debates on pressing global issues but also provided comprehensive leadership experiences. In the opening ceremony, students were encouraged to celebrate the diversity of nations and be respectful of national identities and policies. The longest running member of the Model UN club, Imogen, provided a comprehensive overview of the reasons for human rights’ legislation.

In the morning, Sixth Form students chaired each of the six committees and the topics under discussion ranged from stateless people and cluster munitions to the situation in Kashmir and tuberculosis. Detailed resolutions were prepared by participating students and debated at length. The students exhibited a remarkable grasp of the complexities of international law. Resolutions were passed by students representing such countries as France, India and Gabon.

A teacher from ESMS reflected, "All the students really enjoyed it and they said it was a great experience."

During the afternoon General Assembly session, the Model UN Club’s Secretaries-General, Imogen, Clara and Isla, chaired a crisis meeting. They superbly facilitated discussions between students representing twenty-four different countries, trying to resolve tensions between the USA and China regarding a political assassination in the Philippines. Chairing the General Assembly provided these students with a unique opportunity to exercise leadership, crisis management, and decision-making skills. They demonstrated notable resilience and controlled the debate with assurance.

All students learned to manage unforeseen developments and navigate complex geopolitical scenarios, fostering valuable skills essential for future leaders in international relations. The conference provided a platform for students to engage in lively discussions, collaborate on problem-solving, and share their perspectives. Beyond the academic aspect, the event created a vibrant social environment where students had fun, made lasting connections, and collectively learned a great deal from one another.

As one teacher from Albyn School noted, "It was a huge amount of work organising such an event but it is hugely appreciated!" 

Congratulations to Peebles High School who won best delegation overall. The conference was an undoubtedly fulfilling educational experience, allowing students to forge new friendships in the process.

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