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Tennis Success at Kilgraston Tournament and Road to Wimbledon

22 May 2024
Tennis Round Up 2024 Feature Image

The tennis season has been in full swing, with St George's players showcasing their skills at two prestigious events: Kilgraston's annual tennis tournament and the Road to Wimbledon competition. These tournaments provided a platform for our young athletes to showcase their hard work on the court.

Kilgraston Tournament Highlights

The Kilgraston tournament is always a highlight of our tennis calendar, and this year's event did not disappoint. Under the warm sunshine, our U12, U14, U16, and U18 teams competed against schools from across Scotland, delivering outstanding performances and displaying the exceptional quality of tennis at St George's.

Congratulations are in order for our runners-up, Kana (R) & Elodie (L4) in the U14A pool, and Bess (L4) & Caoimhe (L4) in the U12B pool. 

Our teams for the tournament were:

U18 A Pool: Honor, Rosie
U16 A Pool: Niamh, Francesca
U14 A Pool: Kana, Elodie
U14 B Pool: Sophia, Ghorgie
U12 A Pool: Vina, Katie
U12 B Pool: Bess, Caoimhe

Road to Wimbledon Success 

Our players also played well at the Road to Wimbledon competition. Elodie (L4) shared her experience:

"This year's Road to Wimbledon took place on Tuesday, May 7th. We all really enjoyed the strawberries and cream and had some great matches. It was a great effort from everyone and some great tennis. I am very proud of me and Vina reaching the final. I came out with gold in the end. Well done to everyone who competed in the Road to Wimbledon."

We congratulate Elodie on her win at the Road to Wimbledon.

Both events provided our players with invaluable experience, fostering their love for the sport and allowing them to compete at a high level. We are incredibly proud of all our tennis players and look forward to their continued success on the court.

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