Sixth Form Burns Supper 2024 Feature

Tradition & Camaraderie at Burns Supper with Merchiston

06 Feb 2024
Sixth Form Burns Supper 2024 Feature

A Toast to Robert Burns: St George’s and Merchiston Come Together for Evening of Scottish Tradition

The spirit of beloved poet Robert Burns was alive last week as our school hosted a special Sixth Form Burns Supper alongside students from Merchiston. Bringing both communities together, the halls rang with music, verse and laughter in honour of Scotland’s national bard.

Festivities kicked off with the time-honoured presentation of the haggis by Mr Maciver and students addressing the dish in Burns’ famous “Address to a Haggis." The St George’s Burns Singers raised their voices alongside Merchiston’s Close Harmony group for song, while Merchiston’s drum and bagpipe band filled the room with rousing anthems.

Interspersed throughout were students taking turns at the lectern to give readings of Burns’ poems. 

Following a feast, attendees capped off the evening with ceilidh dancing. Laughter abounded as students twirled across the floor, the camaraderie between schools clear.

The annual supper tradition remains a highlight for Sixth Form pupils year after year and our students are grateful for our guests from Merchiston making it a night to remember!

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