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Trisha wins an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

11 Oct 2023
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The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is a prestigious programme open to Upper 5 students who want to pursue a career in engineering or related subjects. Successful scholars receive mentoring, work experience opportunities, and a financial award during their sixth form and into University.  To apply, candidates submit an experience and project report in December and sit an external exam in February.  If they pass these, they are invited to interview in April and awards are made in the summer.   

Trisha’s project was based on her HPQ where she compared 5 coding languages for their suitability for different applications by creating a game written in each language.  Her application along with her performance in the exam and at interview particularly impressed the Arkwright adjudicators who matched her with Amazon Future Engineering who will sponsor and mentor her during her final two years at school.  This is the first time the school has put students forward for this award, making Trisha’s success all the more impressive.  Indeed, there were 7 applicants from St George's who are all congratulated on putting themselves forward. 

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