International Education at St George's Lower School

Lower School (Primary 6 - Secondary 1) students are involved in a number of digital exchange projects. Run from web-based platforms these projects allow students and teachers to work collaboratively with other exchange pupils who can be several time zones away.

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Primary 6 ‘Indian Exchange’ Project

This collaboration serves to extend student understanding of a range of contemporary issues. Students research and present information on International Contributions to Space Science and have the opportunity to present poems that they have written. They are also given the opportunity to ask questions to develop their understanding of India, building on curricular themes including the physical, social and economic Geography of India.  

Students use their ICT skills learned across the curriculum and apply them to their own independent research. Further to this, St George’s students refine their public speaking skills. 

Lower 4 ‘Geography in the News’ Digital Exchange

As part of the Lower School Geography curriculum students are encouraged to engage with current geographical issues on both a local and global scale. Periodically, the Lower 4 girls are asked in class, and for homework, to write their own news article summarising recent events, including their own viewpoints. A selection of news articles are exchanged with Neue Mittelschule St Georgen, our partner school in Austria. The articles we receive are used as a prompt for discussion in a lunchtime club. This digital exchange allows students the opportunity to share and compare understanding and viewpoints of current news events in different parts of the world. It also supports the wider focus of the St George’s international education programme by using ICT to enhance student understanding of cultures from around the world and the opportunity to learn about Scotland’s place in the international community.

Lower 4 ‘SOLA’ Digital Exchange

Lower 4 are offered the opportunity to collaborate with their peers in Upper 4 in a co-curricular digital exchange with our partner school, School of Leadership Afghanistan (SOLA). The Afghan-led private boarding school for girls was founded by Shabana Basij-Rasikh who, under the Taliban regime and whilst girls’ education was banned, dressed as a boy and walked with her sister through Kabul’s streets to secret schools. The end of the Taliban meant the re-opening of girls’ schools and Shabana continued her education in Afghanistan before finishing high school in the U.S through the State Department’s Youth Exchange Studies program. She then enrolled at Middlebury College in Vermont. In 2008, as a student at Middlebury, Shabana co-founded SOLA, with the mission of providing access to quality education for girls across her homeland.  

Students are involved in regular Skype sessions to compare life in Scotland and Afghanistan, covering themes such as daily life and future aspirations.