International Education at St George's Lower School

Lower School (Primary 6 - Secondary 1) students are involved in a number of digital exchange projects. Run from web-based platforms these projects allow students and teachers to work collaboratively with other exchange pupils who can be several time zones away.

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Digital Exchange with St Francis Xavier Girls’ School (India)

The Primary 6 Digital Environment Exchange Project 
This exchange allows students to research and present information on waste management, small and medium sized businesses, weather and transport in each respective country, with a focus on their own local community.

Students use their ICT skills learned across the curriculum and apply them to their own independent research. St George’s students refine their public speaking skills and enhance their understanding of India. Students from St George’s are able to share information about Eco-Club activities including classroom recycling efforts and eco-friendly ways to get to school.

Lower 4 Religion and Philosophy Digital Exchange Project
Students carry out a research project on an “inspirational figure” and links with key figures in world religions. After completing their research, students participate in a teleconference to discuss the qualities of inspirational figures and agree on common characteristics of leaders.

These efforts are part of St George’s international education programme which includes a wider focus on using ICT to enhance student understanding of cultures from around the world and the opportunity to learn about Scotland’s place in the international community.

St George’s recently received a British Council Connecting Classrooms’ grant to support digital exchange projects. The money has helped to fund a visit of teachers from our partner school in Bangalore.