Promoting Girls Sport in Lower School

Our excellent sporting reputation in Lower School is thanks to the sheer number of girls who take part in sports each week and the high quality of coaching that everyone receives.

We provide a well-rounded Physical Education Curriculum and a Sports Co-Curricular programme that enhances teamwork, individual sports, and artistic activities. It aims to foster participation in our diverse multi-sport programme among all students.

Lower School Sport & PE: How it works

Every week, students in the Lower School from all year groups receive up to five PE lessons. Alongside the curriculum, we actively promote girls' involvement in our co-curricular sports clubs. These clubs offer a variety of sports options and are available every day. Additionally, we have multiple teams catering to various skill levels, engaging in weekly competitions throughout the school year. New joiners are welcome to get involved in any activity.

We actively participate in national competitions and organise tours and training camps for all sports. Occasionally, these events even take place in other countries, providing our students with unique experiences and opportunities.

We have excellent on-site facilities, including an astro-pitch, MUGAs, grass pitches, and an indoor sports hall that enable a wide range of sports.

Girls learn hockey, lacrosse, tennis, and athletics.


Primary 6: orienteering, dance, badminton, netball, cycling, and volleyball

Remove (P7): dance, volleyball, gymnastics, and swimming

Lower 4 (S1): badminton, gymnastics, swimming, and basketball

We also offer sports clubs and activities every day and on weekends.

STGE sport dept

Department of Physical Education

Sport and PE

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