Outdoor Learning at St George's Nursery

Outdoor learning, with its practical hands-on approach to discovery in the outdoor environment, is a vital component of our curriculum. We believe that children are enlivened by the time they spend outdoors. Our teachers and early years practitioners prepare for child-led, outdoor learning experiences across all curricular areas.

As St George’s is located in a leafy suburb area of Edinburgh, we are fortunate to have acres of green space in which to play and explore; girls and boys have plenty of outdoor space for imaginative role-play, adventure play and environmental learning.

Being outdoors at St George’s nursery is fun! Our children spend time outdoors every day. Wearing wellies and waterproof dungarees is almost part of our school uniform!

 he adage, ‘play is a child’s work’ is never more true than when outdoors. Through play, children are able to make sense of the world and to develop physically, socially and emotionally. Children learn and reach key milestones through stimulation in all sensory areas; they can develop a natural curiosity and sense of wonder about the world around them.

For our outdoor learning environment we have a lively nursery playground area, mud kitchen, Fantastical Forest, Secret Garden and Wild Wood. Children can scramble over our nursery fort and climbing frame, dig in our large sandpit, ‘cook’ in our mud kitchen and play with our wide range of outdoor toys. They can explore their mark making abilities using a variety of outdoor mediums. We have a generous supply of loose parts for children to experiment balancing, climbing and building with their friends.

Our children develop their creativity, core strength and gross motor skills through play opportunities outdoors. Being in a natural environment teaches problem-solving, team-work and risk-awareness skills as well as providing our children with life affirming, bonding experiences with their peers and teachers.

Our extensive grounds include a variety of adventure areas:

Fantastical forest
Wild wood
Secret garden and fort
Junior School playground
15 acres of campus and school playing fields