Founding Principles of St George’s School

Women’s Educational Movement 

In the late nineteenth century the founders of St George's School campaigned for equality in education. They believed that equality for women could be achieved only by equal opportunities in education.  St George’s was set up by them with the precise intention of educating young women so that they might enter Higher Education and the professions. 

Today our Founders' far-sighted ideas still influence the school and help to shape the way we work.

Educating young women

As educators, the onus continues to be on us to lead, whilst equipping girls with the range of academic and life skills needed to become ‘women of independent mind’ for the future.

Our Values and Ethos

Although we’re a thoroughly modern school, our Chaucerian motto is as relevant today as it has ever been and it continues to inform our values and school ethos.

Trouthe & Honour, Fredom & Curteisye

Truth: Truth and integrity are fundamental to the school’s ethos, and we encourage each girl to be true to herself.

Honour: We encourage every member of our community to be respectful towards one another and to behave with honour within and beyond school. 

Freedom: Our girls have the freedom to be themselves at St George’s, and the flexibility of our curriculum gives them scope to aim high.

Courtesy: The natural courtesy our girls extend to one another, their tolerance and willingness to reach out, all lead to friendships that will last a lifetime.

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