Boarding Staff

Boarding house staff

The Boarding Team comprises six resident and non-resident members of staff. A number of other colleagues also run activities in the House, accompany girls on outings and support the boarders academically.                                                             

Mrs Bryce is the Deputy Head in charge of Boarding and the Sixth Form.  She also teaches Mathematics.

Staffing from August 2017 will include:

Miss Chloe Donaldson (Resident Houseparent)

Mrs May Gray (Non-Resident Houseparent)

Mrs Fiona Morris (Resident Houseparent)

Miss Sophie Prater (Resident Houseparent)

Miss Sophie Worthington (Resident Houseparent

Domestic Team

Houldsworth has its own chef and team of domestic staff.

Boarding Tutors

Members of the teaching staff who regularly visit Houldsworth to meet with students, have meals with them, supervise homework and run activities in the evenings.

We also benefit from the input of several well-known members of the school’s administrative team.