Notable Alumnae: From St George's to Successful Careers

St George's has many remarkable alumnae who have distinguished themselves in major fields ranging from education and law to medicine and the arts. Below are listed a few of the most prominent former students

Alice Thompson - novelist

Amanda Mitchison - writer

Annie “Spitfire” Penrose - Annie, who was at St George's as a boarder from 1924, with her younger sister. She died on 2nd October, 2011. Her obituary in 'The Telegraph' described how Britain's most famous fighter 'plane, the Spitfire, was named after her. Her father was Sir Robert McLean, chairman of Vickers in the 1930s. He worked with the engineer R J Mitchell who was responsible for the aircraft's design. When the time came to name it, McLean suggested 'Spitfire', his affectionate name for his daughter, Annie.

Brenda Mark - artist

Brigit Forsyth – actress

Candia McWilliam - author and Booker prize judge

Carol Brown Janeway - editor and literary translator into English. She was best known for her translations of Bernhard Schlink's The Reader

Catherine Philp - reporter, 'The Times'

Cordelia Fine - academic psychologist

Emily Dudgeon – athlete

Felicity Hammond - opera singer

Margaret Houldsworth - British campaigner for women's education and a philanthropist

Jennifer Wallace - Director of Studies in English at Peterhouse College Cambridge

Ione Fim - Professor of Psychology, University of Washington

Katie Targett Adams - singer/songwriter, Clarsach player

Kathleen Scott - sculptor, pupil of Rodin; married to Captain Scott, mother of Sir Peter Scott.

Kay Adams - Scottish television presenter and actress in Loose Women

Lady Ogilvie (Mary) - first Head of St Anne's College, Oxford

Lindsay Paterson - Edinburgh City Council, stood against Gordon Brown in the 2010 election

Lois Weatherup - model, former Miss Scotland

Marie Stopes - British author, palaeobotanist, academic, eugenicist, campaigner for women's rights, and pioneer in the field of birth control.

Penny Macmillan - journalist, broadcaster

Phyllis Bone - 20th-century Scottish sculptor

Sarah Davidson - model, fashion buyer

Sarah McVittie - entrepreneur

Sheila Burnford - author of 'The Incredible Journey' (also a Disney film)

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