Internet Safety

Cabling UprightInternet Safety

St George's school has a strict Internet access safety policy, with several layers of network protection and filtering on all Internet access and e-mail.

All students have a dedicated user account on the school network which provides them with a secure area for storing their work, an e-mail address, an Office 365 account and secure content filtered access to the internet.

The access to the internet is filtered by the school, and all students receive an ongoing 'Personal Social Education Programme' (PSE) to inform them on how to deal with website usage, personal messaging and e-mails which they may find unsuitable. The school monitors and records all communications made by users on our network. 

Students are given an "Acceptable Use Policy" document to give them clear guidelines on what they should and should not do on the school's network. School policy excludes the use of any external e-mail or messaging systems although if urgent the IT Dept will be able to provide access in the IT base for a limited period, particularly for boarders or students on International Exchange schemes.

Online Safety - Guidance for Parents

There are many educational websites on how to use the internet safely. The school uses a range of resources and websites within the PSE programme, but it is always useful for parents to work through these sites with their daughters. The CEOP site has up to date information which has been divided into appropriate age groups. For home use we advise that, if children use your computer regularly, you should install the CEOP browser tool or web app to help provide the information and support they will need during Internet usage. ( (

Use of Student Photographs

In common with many other schools St George's allows the use of photographs of students on our website, although these are not shown with the student's full name unless that information is already fully in the public domain, and even so this may only occur inside the secure Parents' Area. This area has to be logged into with a username and password which only parents and guardians will have access to.

Students very much enjoy seeing themselves online, and the enjoyment they project in school is well worth sharing, but any parent or guardian can ask that a student be completely excluded from having their picture taken for use on the website, or for any particular photograph at all to be removed.

Please just contact the school and we will be happy to assist as quickly as possible.