WBD 2024 Feature

A Literary Extravaganza: World Book Day 2024

21 Mar 2024
WBD 2024 Feature

On the 7th of March it was World Book Day, a day filled with fun. Everyone dressed up in different characters such as Willy Wonka, The Crayons, Harry Potter and many more children's book characters. Merchiston even came to visit and have a social with us.

girls reading books

Elle McNicol (who is our patron of reading) the author of a 'Kind of Spark', 'Showed Us Who You Are' and 'Like a Charm' came to visit us. She gave a story of her career and how she became a writer, she also spoke about neurodivergent books and how before her books there were very few books that included neurodiversity. She also did a book signing and told us about her new book, 'Keedie'.

Then after Elle McNicol signed our books, Merchiston did a World Book Day quiz with us where we were separated into groups by our Houses and then asked fun questions on books such as guessing the book by the cover, emojis to show a book and sometimes you even had to stand up and shout the answer or maybe whistle the Harry Potter tune!

We all had so much fun and hope we get the chance to do it again!

Written by Elizabeth and Aarna (L4)

As part of our World Book Day celebration, Nursery and Primary 1-3 were visited by Emma Louise Beeson. They all love her new book, The Big Bully Wolf & the Pigs at No. 3! Nursery had a fun time singing 'If You're Happy and You Know It' with lots of different emotions. 'If you're loved and you know it, give a hug!' was the clear favourite. 

Primary 1-3 asked Emma Louise some really insightful questions about the process of becoming an author and making books and she gave them some brilliant answers. Emma Louise even shared a little preview of what her next book will be about, and we can't wait!

World Book Day 2024

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