Big 4 stgeorges

"Big 4" Announced for 2023-2024

01 Jul 2023
Big 4 stgeorges

We are pleased to announce our new student leadership team for 2023-2024.

  • Head of School: Lexi
  • Deputy Head of School: Kedison
  • Senior Prefect: Mounika
  • Head of Boarding: Danni

“I am beyond excited and honoured to have been chosen as Head of School for the next academic year. This is an opportunity and a privilege that I promise to make the most of for the benefit of everyone in the school. Inside and outside of school I have always been passionate about helping my community grow and I can’t wait to start on this incredible journey. I think I speak for all of us in the new “Big 4” that we have a tough act to follow but we are ready to rise to the challenge and are already brimming with ideas and enthusiasm to help make our school the best version of itself allowing it to better serve everyone in our community.”

Lexi- Head of School

“I am your new senior prefect, and I am thrilled to be given this position. To work with members of staff and my classmates to help better Junior school is such a satisfying role that I am excited to be taking on. I am delighted to be organising the Upper 6 Ball and Upper 6 Revue and will try my best to ensure that everyone enjoys these events. I hope to have a memorable and lively year with everyone as your senior prefect!"

Mounika- Senior Prefect

"I am Danni from upper six, I really appreciate being chosen and I will try my best to be head of boarding.”

Danni- Head of Boarding

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