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Bookbug Bags Deliver Reading Joy in Junior School

05 Dec 2023
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Last week, Little Owls and Primary 1 received a free bag of books from Bookbug and the Scottish Book Trust! The bags came with picture books, an activity book with fun ways to enjoy reading, writing and counting together, coloured pencils, and a whiteboard and pen. They all got to keep the bags and take them home to share with their families.

Before they were given their bags, students in Little Owls guessed what the books would be about based on the songs that we were singing in library that day. Then, we all read one of the books in the bag – How To Catch a Rainbow by Naomi Jones - together. We all worked together to create a giant rainbow that we will continue to work on and then eventually hang up for everyone to see.

Primary 1 students listened to the story Penelope Snoop: Ace Detective by Pamela Butchart, one of the books from their bag. Just when they thought they were going to get their bags, we discovered they were missing! Students used their detective skills to follow clues all around the Junior School until they finally found their bags in the library.

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