BSW Assembly Feature

British Science Week: Spotlighting Engineering Excellence

14 Mar 2024
BSW Assembly Feature

As part of British Science Week during Monday’s assembly, Upper School students showcased their impressive involvement in various engineering activities and competitions. This highlights the breadth of what we have on offer at St George’s.

The assembly, hosted by the school's first Engineering Prefect Mhairead, highlighted the ingenuity and hard work of St George's students in tackling real-world engineering challenges. Chelini (L6) kicked things off by introducing the CanSat project, where teams design and build miniature satellites that fit the size of a drinks can. Equipped with Raspberry Pis, sensors, and radio transmitters, students will get the chance to launch these innovative "CanSats" next week at Strathaven Airfield.

Maira (U6) then discussed UK Space Design, a prestigious competition that tasks students with designing and pitching space settlement concepts to expert judges. This year, St George's students progressed to the national finals with their innovative design for a space elevator on the moon.

Next up was Trisha (L6), the first St George's student to be awarded the esteemed Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. This highly selective program supports exceptional 16-year-old students pursuing engineering careers. Trisha is being sponsored and mentored by Amazon Future Engineering for her final two years of school, a testament to her remarkable potential.

Lastly, Stella & Faye (L6) shared their experiences with the F1 in Schools competition, where teams design, build, and race miniature Formula One cars. St George's will be entering two teams in the forthcoming academic year, continuing the school's tradition of excellence in this exciting challenge.

In addition to these formal competitions our students are encouraged to get involved in the various clubs and activities on offer, including Young Engineers, STEM Leaders, and the newly formed Rocketry Club.

With a wealth of opportunities for students to explore their interests and push the boundaries of innovation, St George's is fostering the next generation of scientists, engineers, and problem-solvers. British Science Week serves as a fitting celebration of the school's commitment to nurturing curious minds and equipping them with the skills to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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