Houldsworth JAN 24 Roundup Feature

Cooking, Crafts, and Cats: A Fun-Filled January at Houldsworth

30 Jan 2024
Houldsworth JAN 24 Roundup Feature

As January ends, we want to show you what has been going on in Houldsworth. There is so much to look forward to in 2024, and our boarders are keeping busy with taking part in all the fun activities and Sunday outings.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (13th Jan)

For the first baking activity back after Christmas, the boarders enjoyed making chocolate chip cookies with houseparents, Mrs Gray and Ms McRae. They were so popular that the girls asked for them to be on the activity list again!

Cat Cafe & Introducing Sassie (14th Jan)

What’s better than getting out of this cold weather and snuggling up with some cute cats? We enjoyed a hot drink and lots of cuddles with pets as we visited Edinburgh’s famous cat café, Maison De Moggy! Afterwards, we were delighted with another furry friend, as we had extra snuggles with this cute kitten named Sassie.

Winter Scavenger Hunt (17th Jan)

Each term the house gets ready for a new scavenger hunt. We had two teams taking part, and the race was on as they had to find the different items listed, take a picture and show the houseparents! The winning team was Abby and Chihina who completed it in 3 minutes 30 seconds!

Bread Making (19th Jan)

As the weather has been getting frostier, house parents on duty got the kitchen ready for some delicious bread making. Two of our talented boarders made plaited bread ready to be served with breakfast the following morning.

Library Trip to Waterstones (21st Jan)

Our annual library trip to Waterstones was a great success! We had six boarders join as they got to pick out two books on their wish list. One book is for them to keep, while the other they get to donate to our lovely Houldsworth library once they’ve finished reading it.

Pottery Painting (24th Jan)

One of our most popular outings is at a place called Honeypot Cafe down in South Queensferry. As the demand for this trip is so high, we thought it would be a great idea to do more pottery painting from Houldsworth. Four of the boarders got busy, as they painted some beautiful ceramic plant pots to dot around the house.

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