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Houldsworth House April & May Round-Up

16 May 2024
Houldsworth enews april and may banner

Houldsworth House April & May Round-Up 

Beginning of summer term & welcoming new boarders - 15th April 

As exam season has arrived, it is expected that our boarders will be feeling somewhat apprehensive about the months ahead. We are very proud of all they have achieved this year, and we continue to support them in every way that we can. 

We are delighted to welcome new boarders this term: Drew (L4), Amy (L5) and Rachel (U4). We hope you will enjoy your time here at Houldsworth and we look forward to watching you thrive at St George’s. 

Movie Night & Popcorn - 20th April 

It was a peaceful Saturday night for the boarders as they picked a movie and got cosied up on the sofa. Their pick was Disney’s ‘Inside Out’. With a couple of bowls of popcorn and a plate of biscuits, they were soon in relaxation mode as they enjoyed this fun evening together. 

Crafting Day - 21st April 

If it’s raining outside, there’s nothing better than to fill your afternoon with lots of painting and craft activities! The boarders helped Miss Guilmant decorate the new Summer board. The group got creative, painting ice creams and ice-lollies. There was even enough time to play an old family favourite, ‘Beetle’. We have some great pictures to show you! 

Rocky Road - 4th May 

Rocky Road has become one of our house favourites as it is delicious no matter what time of year. We had lots of fun bashing the biscuits up and topping it with all things chocolatey. Although it didn’t look so appetizing this time round, it tasted just as good as it normally does! Bouldering - 5th May The boarders tried out a new Sunday trip down at Portobello beach - bouldering. It was the first time for most, and they loved the challenge. They soon built up their confidence and were excelling at new heights within the hour. Lots of laughs and giggles all round! 

Fire Pit & Marshmallows - 10th May 

After a delicious dinner eating hot dogs in the garden, we got the fire pit, marshmallows and blankets out and enjoyed an evening of stargazing. 

Eurovision & Crafts day - 11th May 

We were spoiled with hot weather here in Edinburgh, and what better way than to get the bean bags out, iced drinks on, and the arts and crafts on the table. We ended up painting new bunting for the garden, as well as making our own mini fortune tellers! Then in the evening, a big group of us settled down for the Eurovision song contest.

Houldsworth Sports Day - 12th May 

An impromptu sports day was held on this sunny Sunday afternoon. Many of the boarders grabbed their tennis rackets and headed over to the astro for games of tennis and rounders, and finishing off with a big old water fight!

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