Little owls nursery

Little Owls Activity Round-Up

31 Mar 2023
Little owls nursery

The Little Owls have been enjoying a term filled with learning and celebrations. The array of costumes from our most loved book characters were simply fantastic. Our day was spent reading stories which some of the children had brought in from home. Our playrooms were set out with different stations representing some of our favourite books and characters.

This term we have been working on our number recognition and early counting skills through play-based learning. The children in particular loved our special dice game where we matched the numbers of spots on our dice and matched them up to different numbers on our number line. We loved singing different songs about numbers too.

International Women's Day was another time of celebration. Some children dressed up to represent their own culture while some others brought in different books about women throughout history who have made a positive change in the world. We discussed different jobs and careers women can do but equally discussed that as humans we can achieve anything we can set our mind too if we work hard and make good choices.


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