Connected Culture Article Feature

Lower School Connected Culture Conference 2024

05 Feb 2024
Connected Culture Article Feature

Equipping Students to Navigate Our Connected Culture

As internet usage and access to devices accelerate for young people, our school is staying ahead of the curve in equipping students with the tools they need to safely navigate online spaces. On February 5th, we held our annual Connected Culture Conference for Lower School students, centring around the theme of “Inspiring Change, Making a Difference, Managing Influence and Navigating Online Change.”

Aligned with the Children's Mental Health Week and National Safer Internet Day awareness campaigns, our interactive workshops empower students to be responsible digital citizens and critical thinkers online. Sessions covered topics like protecting personal information, evaluating real vs fake content, maintaining healthy device habits, understanding AI systems and more. 

Our goal is to install the knowledge and skills that our students need to use technology for good, make positive impacts online, and avoid potential harms like misinformation and unhealthy relationships.

While devices and the internet provide boundless opportunities, they also pose new challenges for young people to navigate. That’s why guidance must start early. With risks like social pressure, inappropriate content and screen addiction becoming more prevalent, our conference takes a proactive approach to getting ahead of emerging issues. This builds on related lessons students receive across the Lower School curriculum.

We also recognise no single discussion can fully achieve our aims alone. The conference offers a meaningful jumping point to drive year-round awareness across our community. Parents play an invaluable role in extending this learning beyond school walls. To foster continued collaboration, we will share post-conference resources to transfer key learnings home.

By working together, we can ensure all students develop the digital intelligence to interact wisely with technology today and tomorrow. 

Our Connected Culture Conference brings us one step closer toward that goal of preparing self-assured, empowered girls ready to make their positive mark online.

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