Adrien Prize 2024 Feature

Lower School students are Young Judges for The Adrien Prize

06 Feb 2024
Adrien Prize 2024 Feature

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of the Adrien Prize Young Judges group in our Lower School Library!

The Adrien Prize, created by acclaimed author Elle McNicoll, celebrates great stories in children’s books with positive portrayals of the disability and neurodiversity experience. The winner is judged annually by young readers, and we're honoured to form the Young Judges group in Lower School.

The initiative is a testament to Elle's commitment to recognising literature that resonates with the experiences of all children. We are honoured to have Elle as our Patron of Reading, guiding and inspiring us through this literary journey.

Students submitted applications of interest, and five have been chosen as the official judging panel.

  • Samhita (Lower 4)
  • Maggie (Lower 4)
  • Bess (Remove)
  • Sophie (Primary 6)
  • Erin (Primary 6)

These enthusiastic individuals will gather weekly to discuss their readings, share insights, and ultimately decide on the winner from the impressive shortlist of books:

  1. When I See Blue by Lily Bailey
  2. The Circle Breakers by Patience Agbabi
  3. Vivi Conway and the Sword of Legend by Lizzie Huxley-Jones
  4. Jayben and the Golden Torch by Thomas Leeds

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We encourage all students to join in the exciteme
nt by reading along with their own or library copies of these books. All applicants will have the chance to vote for their favourite at the end of this enriching literary journey.

We look forward to a vibrant and inclusive reading experience as we explore these remarkable stories together.

Ms Elder

(Senior Librarian)

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