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Primary 6 Trip to Dynamic Earth

09 Nov 2023
P6 Dynamic Earth Banner

On Tuesday 10th October we went on a trip to Dynamic Earth. We were taken around Arthur’s Seat by a man called Angus. We went on the geography walk and found lots of different rocks.

We then went to Dynamic Earth and we got a tour. We went to the planetarium where we sat in some recliners and looked up at the ceiling of the dome. We saw a galaxy called Andromeda - they zoomed in on Andromeda and it was full of gorgeous stars. They also showed us pictures taken by the Hubble Space telescope and a new telescope called Euclid and the job Euclid would have to do.

Other activities we enjoyed were going into a 3D Earth time machine, going into a room with a strong smoky smell and lots of rocks where the floor was moving like an earthquake, and going into a room with a big actual ice block that was melting.

Finally, we put on 3D glasses and watched some people on a screen and these things shot out lots of bubbles!

By: Olivia, Poppy and Lydia (P6)

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