P4 water of leith

Primary 4 visits Water of Leith Education Centre

31 May 2023
P4 water of leith

Primary 4 went to the Water of Leith Education Centre on the 25th of May 2023.

P4 trip outdoor

We got there in two school minibuses and arrived at around 10 o’clock. When we arrived, we met the education guide, Ruth. She showed us a big map on the wall of the Water of Leith Education room. The Water of Leith starts at the Pentland Hills and goes all the way down to Leith and to the sea.

Then she asked for a volunteer to hold a metre stick to help her explain how deep the river can become. After that, she told us about the journey of a seal along the Water of Leith to the sea.

Then we went to an exhibition about water. There were five experiments.

  1. There was a wheel that we had to try and stop moving.
  2. We had to build a dam using Lego and try not to flood the church and buildings.
  3. There was a river which overflowed when you pulled the dam up and it let the water out and it went to the water mill.
  4. There was a sound wall and we each got something to place on the side of the wall and listen to the sounds. We had a worksheet to write down what we heard.
  5. We had a sustainability worksheet to complete, and we had to research the answers to the questions about the Water of Leith.

We had our school-packed lunch on the long bench outside the café and went for a walk along the river in the afternoon. We put on our wellingtons and went river dipping, collected lots of interesting creatures that live in the river and created some Andy Goldsworthy art frames.


Written by Rose and Darcy (P4)

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