P6 residential trip

Primary 6 Residential Camp

31 May 2023
P6 residential trip

The Primary 6s returned to Lendrick Muir near Kinross. They were blessed with the best weather so far this year! They spent 3 days participating in raft building, King Swing, bushcraft, exploring sustainability and a trip to Rumbling Bridge. In the evening students enjoyed songs around the campfire and a murder mystery (featuring staff) that caused great hilarity!

Mr Fowles

My first activity on the second day was the King Swing and it was fun. I was partnered with Maya. I didn't go to the top though. The King Swing made my tummy go funny, but I really enjoyed it. You got a good view from high up. It was scary at first but really fun once you had done it. I had a good time at camp and I wanted to stay for longer.


First, we had to get the support logs, we had to get 4. After, we got the big logs to put on top of the support logs and then we had to put the other logs on going the opposite way. It was very confusing! We had to get the logs so that the barrels could fit under but not pop through, but not be so small that they popped out of the sides! Then we had to tie the ropes in a Japanese knot. After that was the moment of truth. We all hopped on. I got on first then we set sail! We had to do some challenges like 'heads, shoulders knees and toes' and swap sides on the raft. Finally, we did a challenge where we had to get to the island in the middle of the lake. I really enjoyed camp and I can't wait for Remove camp.


My first activity was bushcraft and we made a small fire. The fire was quite hard to catch alight but we did it eventually. We used a Kelly Kettle and made hot drinks.


Archery Tag was so fun. I hit Katie in the arm, and I was impressed that I managed to dodge each arrow!


We played Cluedo. We saw all the staff and Fleur, Alice, Bess and Zoe all dressed up as suspects. We asked them questions about what they were doing when the murder happened. After investigating, we worked out that Mr Fowles was the murderer.


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