AWS Final Feature Image 2024

Prioritising Safety: 'Roots' App Wows Judges at AWS GetIT Final

13 Jun 2024
AWS Final Feature Image 2024

On a bright day in London, our AWS Get IT team known as "Roots by the Bonsais," had the opportunity to showcase their innovative app at the AWS offices. The day was filled with anticipation, creativity, and a sense of camaraderie as the girls presented their project to a panel of judges. The event was a thrilling culmination of months of hard work, research, and teamwork.

The Idea: Roots by the Bonsais

The concept for their app, "Roots," was born from a shared experience of feeling unsafe while navigating unfamiliar areas. One of the team members recounted a particularly unsettling experience using Google Maps, which led her through a dodgy neighbourhood. This resonated with the rest of the team, and they realised there was a significant need for an app that prioritises safety over speed.

"Roots" is designed to help users find the safest routes to their destinations by highlighting crime hotspots and suggesting alternative paths. The app mainly targets women, children, and tourists—groups that often feel vulnerable. However, its features are beneficial for anyone seeking safer travel options.

Key Features of Roots

Crime Hotspot Mapping: The app uses live crime data from reliable sources like Police Scotland to inform users about dangerous areas.

Safety Alerts and SOS Button: Users receive alerts about nearby criminal activity, and an SOS button allows them to quickly contact emergency services or their pre-selected emergency contacts.

Alternative Transportation: For areas deemed unsafe, the app suggests alternative transportation options, such as buses or trains, to ensure users reach their destinations safely.

Tourist Mode: This feature provides tourists with information about local attractions and safe routes, ensuring they can explore new places confidently.

Report Feature: Users can report unsafe areas, contributing to the app’s continuously updated safety data.

Feedback from the Judges

The judges were highly impressed with "Roots," particularly noting the app's strong connection with its users and the personal experiences that inspired it. They praised the team for their unique approach, thorough research, and excellent teamwork. The girls answered all the judges' questions with confidence and clarity, showcasing their deep understanding of the problem they aimed to solve.

Celebrating Achievements

While the team from St George's School was a runner-up, they were in great company. Other notable projects included Bloggle from Southend High School for Girls and the winning project, SignTime, from Newstead Wood. It was inspiring to see all-girl teams in the finals, demonstrating the incredible potential and ingenuity of young women in tech.

Pride and Future Aspirations

We are immensely proud of our team for their dedication and creativity. The experience at AWS has not only been a fantastic learning opportunity but also a powerful affirmation of their capabilities.

Stay tuned as the girls continue their journey to make the world a safer place, one route at a time. 

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