Inchcolm abbey trip

Remove trip to Inchcolm Abbey

30 Jun 2023
Inchcolm abbey trip

In Remove we got to go on a trip to Inchcolm Abbey. This began with a 20-minute bus ride that went to a beautiful port where we caught a boat to Inchcolm Abbey. We got to see the three bridges in Queensferry. We also were lucky enough to see beautiful seals, dolphins and jellyfish.


When we arrived, our class was with Mr Maciver and we all went to see the abbey. We had a detailed tour, seeing the sites and learning how people lived in the medieval times. We learned lots of fun facts along the way. Afterwards we stopped to eat lunch. During lunch we were allowed to roam around the abbey and the surrounding beach - we could even go into the water!

We climbed up two flights of stairs (one steep and the other narrow) to get to the top of the abbey. At the top you had the most beautiful view of the sea with waves going back and forth with islands awaiting adventures.

Afterwards we went back to the ferry and had a great trip back to across the Firth of Forth, and we were able to see seals, jellyfish and dolphins. The dolphins were traveling in pods and jumping out of the water from time to time. After the ferry we hopped onto the bus and headed to Blackness Castle. The scenery on the bus ride was amazing and we were able to see lots of farm animals like sheep and horses.

When we arrived, we were surprised with a scavenger hunt where we could all run around the castle! We were given a sheet with clues to solve for a small prize. There was also a great shop for ice cream, food and souvenirs.

That was the end of the trip. So, we hopped on the bus and arrived back at school.

All in all. We all would do it again.

Written by Elizabeth and Aarna (Remove)

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