Spin studio

Spin Studio from Uniform Exchange

03 Mar 2023
Spin studio

We are delighted and grateful to the Uniform Exchange for continuing to support the school with the newest addition going to the PE department. The Spin Studio recently opened and has been much in demand!

Here are just a few new options on offer to students in PE and the Co-Curricular Programme:

  • Physical Education programme, offering spin as an option within core PE for all students from L5 to U6
  • The Lower 5 Nat 5 class completed a bi-Athlon during their coursework this term.
  • Co-Curricular Programme, new Spin club on a Thursday (which is proving very popular)

The studio isn't just for the students, staff have also benefitted with a Tuesday Staff Spin class as well!

“The Uniform Exchange are delighted to fund this exciting new project. The Spin Studio is a wonderful addition to the PE department, broadening the sports offering to St George’s pupils AND staff!” Sarah Marshall from Uniform Exchange

"Thank you again to Uniform Exchange for funding the spin bikes. By having these bikes, we further diversify and modernise our PE and Co-Curricular programme. The students are enjoying the new spin sessions during core PE and it's great to see so many girls attending the new Spin Club on a Thursday." Christine Fourie, Director of Sport.


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