Loretto Maths Challenge 2024 Feature

St George's at UKMT Team Maths Challenge

20 Jun 2024
Loretto Maths Challenge 2024 Feature

On the 19th of June 2024, four students from St George’s, Kana (R), Isla (L4), Claire (U4), Emmie (U4) took part in the UKMT Team Maths Challenge held in Loretto School, competing against nineteen other teams.

Due to the pandemic, this is the first time the competition has been run since 2019. We arrived at around 9.15am and did some starter questions to warm up before the actual challenge. The proper Team Maths Challenge started at around 10am and consisted of four rounds in total: the Group Round, the Shuttle, the Crossnumber and the Relay.

In the shuttle round, we had to compete against the clock to correctly answer a series of four questions. Each team was divided into Pair A (given Questions 1 and 3) and Pair B (given Questions 2 and 4). Question 1 could be solved independently of the others, but the answer to each subsequent question depended on the previous one. We had eight minutes to complete each series and finishing in less than six minutes earned us extra marks. The thrill of racing against time made this round particularly exhilarating.

The relay was the best one ever. Teams were split into pairs, with each pair taking turns to solve mathematical problems. This round involved lots of movement and enthusiasm. Each pair had to write down their answers, run to the teacher sitting at the front of the hall to check their answers, and then hand over the question sheet to the other team. The energetic pace and the need to answer as many questions as possible within the given time added a dynamic and competitive edge to the challenge, making it incredibly fun and engaging.

The Team Maths Challenge was a remarkable experience for everyone involved. Collaborating to tackle tough problems, celebrating each success, enjoying the thrill of each breakthrough and the spirited environment. It was a truly enjoyable and enriching event. We all worked very hard and are looking forward to the upcoming challenges. #math_is_fun!

Written by Claire (U4)

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