Evacuee Day 2024 Feature

Stepping Back in Time: Primary 4 Immersive Evacuee Day Experience

22 Mar 2024
Evacuee Day 2024 Feature

On the 20th of March, it was Evacuee Day. We have been learning about evacuees in World War II. We were really excited to be dressed up like evacuees. We made our own gas mask boxes and put instructions on how to wear the gas masks. We made our own name labels with fake names and addresses. We looked like a real evacuee. In class, we talked about rationing and made ration books. We had to think about the shops that were there in the 1940s. We went outside to pose as evacuees and pretended to wave our goodbyes.

Next, we had drama sessions. In drama we did a show about evacuees which was really fun. First, we did two freeze frames about saying goodbyes to our mums at the train station. Then, we did a show about going to the countryside to live with a host family. It was interesting to do the different roles in our groups.

We also had a special visitor on evacuee day, Ms Imlah. She told us about St George’s in World War II. It was interesting to know that St George’s pupils had to go away for three years. While the pupils were away, they had to learn all the different subjects. They stayed in two different houses and the teachers had to cycle from one house to the other to teach different groups. She taught us about things which were rationed and not rationed. In World War II, you would get powdered milk and you would pour water into it to make milk. She showed us how much cheese, butter, sweets and egg that you would get for one week. We all felt that it was really not enough!

In music, we sang different songs about the evacuees including the White Cliffs of Dover. It was a great day and we loved all the different things we got to do.

Written by Jessica and Raeka (P4)

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