Student Librarians E N Ews 2024

Student Librarians Keep Upper School Library Vibrant

22 May 2024
Student Librarians E N Ews 2024

Our Upper School Library thrives thanks to the dedication and hard work of our Student Librarians. As one of St George’s co-curricular offerings, students commit their time each week to ensuring the library runs smoothly, performing tasks such as shelving books, creating eye-catching displays, and writing insightful book reviews. 

Throughout this year, Student Librarians have honed their skills in library management. They have mastered the art of shelving books properly and have learned how to prepare new books for the collection with labels and barcodes. In addition to these vital tasks, Student Librarians engage in creative projects. They crafted badges for Reading Record prizes and design engaging library displays. Recently, they curated a display featuring books with screen adaptations and created a fun character personality quiz for library visitors to enjoy. 

Thanks to the efforts of our Student Librarians, the Upper School Library is a vibrant and well-organised space for all. Their contributions make the library an even better place to read, learn, and explore!

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