Support for Shree Bhagawati School in Nepal Banner

Supporting Shree Bhagawati School in Nepal

10 Nov 2023
Support for Shree Bhagawati School in Nepal Banner

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully achieved our goal of raising £2000 to support the Shree Bhagawati School in Nepal! This will enable the release of government funds needed to construct the playground wall.

Families and guardians can continue to support the school by using the link provided while making online purchases.

You can simply log in through the app or website, choose the preferred shop, and the business will contribute a small donation to the school. As we approach the festive season, rallying our community to participate in this easy fundraising initiative can lead to a substantial financial boost. The funds we send to the school play a crucial role in improving students' lives, with 70% of them having the opportunity for education thanks to the school's commitment to disregarding the caste system within their community.

Your support in fundraising is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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