Houldsworth Feb 2024 Feature

Talents, Treats, and Traditions: Houldsworth's Eventful February

12 Mar 2024
Houldsworth Feb 2024 Feature

We are now well into the Spring term, and the boarders have had a jam-packed month filled with activities. From pottery painting to hosting our annual Houldsworth talent show, the boarders have been getting creative and having lots of fun in the house. We can’t wait to tell you what we’ve been up to!

February 2024

Smoothie Making (3rd Feb)

Though it’s not quite summertime, there’s still nothing better than a strawberry smoothie after your dinner on a Saturday evening! After a request was made for a smoothie maker, the boarders enjoyed an evening of putting delicious ingredients together. We had blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bananas and mangos, with plenty leftover to snack on too.

Pottery Painting (4th Feb)

Pottery painting has become so popular in the house that we’ve decided to have it as part of our activities every term. Boarders can unwind as a group together, enjoy a hot chocolate and get busy putting their creative hats on. This week, the boarders chose to paint cereal bowls.

Crepe Night (6th Feb)

Our very helpful L6 boarder, Anna, took charge of crepe night. It was a roaring success as 20 boarders lined up waiting for their very own crepe to fill with delicious chocolate. We look forward to hosting the next one!

Houldsworth Got Talent Show & Lunar New Year Celebrations (7th Feb)

The U6 boarders had a busy night ahead of them as they first prepared for the Lunar New Year celebrations. Our head of boarding, Danni, prepped the dining room with decorations, and carefully placed a red envelope for each meal. Then after dinner, the girls got themselves ready for the second part of the evening, the 'Houldsworth Got Talent' show. There was dancing, playing the cup song, Ceilidh dancing, and much more!

Rugby Match and The Chocolatarium (24th-25th Feb)

After the boarders returned from a well-deserved break, they enjoyed a trip to Murrayfield Stadium for the Scotland vs England rugby match. Many of the boarders hadn’t experienced a rugby match before, so there was a lot of excitement, especially after Scotland won!

The following day, a small group headed up to the Royal Mile for an afternoon at The Chocolatarium. The tour was filled with delicious chocolates from all over the world to try. The boarders even had the chance to make their own chocolate bar, with over 20 toppings to choose from.

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