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TEDxYouth St George's Edinburgh Documentary

07 Sep 2023
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Discover the incredible journey of our inaugural TEDxYouth event at St George's Edinburgh!

Immerse yourself in the theme of 'A Voice of Possibility' that took place at St George's earlier this year. Relive the excitement through a captivating behind-the-scenes documentary, offering a unique perspective with insightful commentary from our inspiring speakers, dedicated sponsors, and the event organisers behind the scenes who orchestrated this memorable event.

Watch all of the St George's Youth Tedx YouTube talks or head over to the TEDx Talks YouTube Channel (search the channel using #TEDxYouth@StGeorgesEdinburgh).

Enjoy our behind-the-scenes documentary. Hear from the speakers and the organisers about the event as the day unfolds... Watch the documentary.

TEDxYouth St George's Edinburgh: Documentary - The Voice of Possibility


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