P6 Risk Factory Feature Photo

Surprises, Scares, and Safety Skills: Primary 6 Reflects on Their Risk Factory Trip

18 Jan 2024
P6 Risk Factory Feature Photo

On Wednesday the 17th of January 2024 Primary 6 went to the Risk Factory!

When we were there, we learnt about the impact of taking risks. During the trip we encountered different situations where we either had to solve a situation about a risk that someone else had taken or one that we had taken, and we hadn’t realised it was a risk. We learnt about how to stay safe at home such as switching off the gas or using electrical items carefully. We learnt about the impact of vandalism and how this can impact everyday people. We know that it is important to make the right decisions and not feel pressured by our friends or others. All of Primary 6 now feel much more confident at calling the emergency services if we ever need to.

Here are some comments from the students who went on this trip!

Erin: It was fun because there were different surprises in every room!

Teria: It was scary but exciting and I loved the thrill!

Annabel: It was fun with all the jump scares, and I really want to go again!

Kei: It started off a little bit scary, but it got extremely exiting!

Melody: I liked it and I want to go again!

Selma: I really loved being put in real life situations and dialing 999!

Tessa: I thought it was fun and I liked all the real scenes and jump scares!

By Pandora and Selma

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