TEDx 2024 Voices of the Future Feature

"Voices of the Future" TEDx Youth Showcases Innovative Thinkers

19 Mar 2024
TEDx 2024 Voices of the Future Feature

On Friday, 15 March, we hosted an inspiring TEDx event titled "Voices of the Future." The half-day programme featured a diverse line-up of speakers, including students, members of the community, and outside experts, who shared thought-provoking ideas worth spreading.

The event kicked off with an engaging talk by community organiser Mikaila Kelly on "Our Role in the Evolution of Community." This was followed by student speakers who covered topics such as productivity, dismantling gender stereotypes, optimism, and making the most of the high school experience.

"The student speakers were exceptional, holding their own alongside the adult speakers who do such presentations day in and day out," said Sonia Edwards, Deputy Head Academic. "Their poise, creativity and passion for their subjects was truly impressive."

A highlight was student Aksara Balakumar's fascinating look at "Rejuvenating the Immortality Dream" through cutting-edge techniques like parabiosis. Dr Ioannis (Yannis) Konstas, Associate Professor at Heriot-Watt University, delivered a compelling talk exploring the role of AI in combatting online gender-based violence.

The keynote was an entertaining and educational performance by Christian Foley, a writer, rapper and teacher, titled "Learning to Swim: Poetry in the Deep End of Education." Foley blended his skills to explore the power of incorporating rap into the learning process.

The audience also enjoyed an intermission marketplace showcasing other school clubs and activities. Throughout the event, an Edinburgh College film crew captured the spirit of the day.

"What a brilliantly organised, thought-provoking TEDx event we hosted this year at St George's," said Head Carol Chandler-Thompson. "From exploring the role of AI in combating online gender-based violence, to the fascinating prospect of living forever - there were so many profound ideas for us all to ponder. My sincere thanks to everyone involved in making it such a successful and impactful day.”

The successful event spread ideas, fostered community connections, and created impact in line with the TEDx mission. We extend our sincere gratitude to the event organisers, Irene Oksen and Sonia Edwards, whose meticulous planning and efforts were integral to making this an inspiring and impactful day. Appreciation also goes to the talented HND student film and documentary crew from Edinburgh College for their skilled capture of the event.

We eagerly anticipate sharing the full video recordings of the thought-provoking talks with our community soon. We look forward to sharing these insightful TEDx talks to spark discussion and positive change, and continuing to host inspirational events for students.

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