UKSD Runner Up Feature

UK Space Design Competition National Finals Runners-Up

12 Mar 2024
UKSD Runner Up Feature

Recently, our team attended the UK Space Design Competition National Final at Imperial College, London. We got to this stage by competing and winning at the Regionals in Glasgow last November.

At the Nationals, there were 268 students from 28 schools across the country. We were put into a team with six other schools. Each team had to build an elevator from the moon to a space station called Arial in lunar orbit. Our designs had to be meticulously planned out and presented to the judges, who decided which of the four teams to invest in (hypothetically, of course).

We were given our brief on Saturday morning and worked non-stop all day; after we returned to our accommodation, we continued into the wee hours, perfecting our designs, before presenting to the judges on Sunday morning.

In the end, we were runners-up, and we all had an amazing time, met some fantastic people, and learned a lot about the industry. It was an incredible experience and we loved every second.

Stella and Faye L6

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