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Update from our Boarders

12 Oct 2023
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What’s Been Going on in Houldsworth

24th Sept-1st Oct

24th Sept: Pottery painting

On this Sunday trip, we took a drive down towards South Queensferry for an afternoon of pottery painting. The weather was rainy and cool, which meant the perfect set-up for winding down and relaxing.

28th Sept: Mid-autumn festival

To celebrate the Mid-autumn festival, the U6 boarders planned a very exciting evening for the rest of the house. Our head of boarding, Danni, and deputy head of boarding, Irelia, got busy in the kitchen making bubble tea and mooncakes for everybody to try!

30th Sept: Frozen Banana Ghosts

As the Halloween festivities are fast approaching, Saturday’s activity was making some delicious frozen banana ghosts. This consisted of frozen bananas, white chocolate, coconut, and chocolate balls. They looked and tasted great!

1st Oct: Pumpkin Picking & Nigerian Independence Day

It was that time again to head down to Craigie’s farm for an afternoon of pumpkin picking. Each boarder picked a pumpkin of their choosing, followed by an evening of carving them as we got ready to put them on display ready for open day.

Later on that evening, Isabel gave a presentation on Nigerian Independence Day. Isabel wore a beautiful dress passed down from her mother and handed out delicious plantain for everyone to try.

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