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Lower 4 Visit the Museum of Flight

13 Jun 2024
Museum of Flight Visit L4 2024 Banner

On a chilly June day we arrived at East Fortune Airfield with the whole Lower 4 year group to visit the Museum of Flight. Our theme for the visit was women in flight, and we were lucky to have some excellent and knowledgeable guides tell us about some of the ambitious and colourful characters in the history of women in flight. The students toured both the civilian and military hangers to learn about individuals such as Amelia Earheart and Amy Johnson, and see a variety of aircraft from the 20th century. 

There were hands-on opportunities in the Fantastic Flights area, with excellent simulations and activities to better understand what keeps aircraft flying. The groups also competed a construction challenge to see who could build the best glider. The crowning jewel of the museum of flight is Concorde and the students were toured onboard, where they learned some of the history of one of the most iconic aircraft ever built.

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