LNY 2024 Celebration Feature

Year of the Dragon: A Roaring Lunar New Year Celebration

06 Feb 2024
LNY 2024 Celebration Feature

As the Year of the Rabbit draws to a close, our school community prepared to welcome in the Year of the Dragon at a spirited Lunar New Year dinner this past Monday. Marking the occasion were over 150 pupils and staff from St George’s and Merchiston who gathered to feast and celebrate together.

Isla (U4) says:

“We met up with some of the Merchiston students to celebrate Chinese new year. We got to enjoy the performances from many students, some included singing solo or in classes and there was also a very entertaining hip hop dance. The restaurant prepared delicious traditional meals for us to eat while we socialised with our friends and got to know new people. Mrs Chandler-Thompson even handed out red envelopes which were made from other students, to add more tradition and make it even more exciting.

I would also like to mention Nimi, Annika, Irelia and Tiffany (U6) for helping Ms Tsai to organise this amazing event.”

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