Elle Mc Nicoll 24 May Feature

Characters Come to Life: Elle McNicoll's Interactive Session

20 Jun 2024
Elle Mc Nicoll 24 May Feature

On Friday, 24 May during English, we had an author visit which was really fun. Elle McNicoll first talked about her books and about her new book Keedie. We love her books and as she is our Patron of Reading, it’s great she comes regularly to talk to us about her books. She always has something new to talk about and this time it was bullying. We talked about if you’ve been bullied or if you’ve been a bully. We talked about what we should do vs what we want to do. It was very interesting to hear what she had to say.

Next, one of our favourite parts, we split into groups and created characters. There were questions on the board, and we had to answer them on paper. You had to make up things like their favourite person and what year they live in. Then Elle chose some people to be interviewed as that character. It was so funny to hear what the other groups had come up with.

After that, Elle signed books and bookmarks. Overall, we really liked it and found it super fun. It is lovely when Elle comes, and we have so much fun and an amazing time.

Written by Poppy and Hollie (Remove)

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