Activities and Clubs

Extracurricular Activities at St George’s Lower School

Lower School offers a wide range of about 40 clubs that cater to various interests such as football, fencing, ski clubs, Hot Chefs, Eco, orchestra, sailing, and more. Girls are encouraged to participate in multiple clubs to pursue their interests, learn new skills, and make friends.

Lower School clubs also offer opportunities for girls to regularly compete in various sports such as hockey, tennis, athletics, netball, badminton, and cross-country running. Other clubs, such as Judo, fencing, chess and lego, add variety to the programme, and students who excel in swimming, skiing, and horse-riding can represent the school in local and national competitions. Clubs and activities take place during breaks and after school until 5:30 pm.


Co-curriculum programme of activities and clubs
P6 - L4 Autumn Term 2023 list of co-curricular activities and clubs
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